Psychoeducational Assessments

A psychological or psychoeducational assessment focuses on identifying strengths and weaknesses in an individual’s cognitive development, learning style, as well as emotional and interpersonal functioning. It uses a variety of techniques such as interviews, testing, and questionnaires to establish a comprehensive profile of an individual’s thinking abilities, academic skills, learning, memory, attention, executive functioning, as well as social and emotional development.

College or university students who present with persistent learning, attention, or behavioural challenges may benefit from a psychoeducational assessment to identify and diagnose neurodevelopmental conditions (e.g. learning disorder, ADHD) that may interfere with their learning or daily and interpersonal function and hinder academic achievement and social relationships.

Psychoeducational assessment reports would be helpful for individuals with identified learning, attention, or mood issues by ensuring their access to certain accommodations and specialized support in college and university settings. In addition, a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment would be useful for establishing treatment plan that suits individual’s needs. More specifically, it can help individuals focus on their strengths, learn to compensate for their weaknesses, and optimize their overall mental health, including interpersonal and occupational functioning.

At CITC we have experienced clinicians who provide psychoeducational assessments to individuals aged 17-20.

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