Our practicum students are accepting new clients and offering services at reduced rates.

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Therapy and Assessment Costs

Assessment Costs

*All costs include intake sessions, teacher consults, assessment sessions,
feedback session plus original report.
Brief Psychodiagnostic Assessment 


Comprehensive Psychodiagnostic Assessment


Brief Psychodiagnostic Assessment – Intern Therapist


Comprehensive Psychodiagnostic Assessment – Intern Therapist


Psychoeducational Assessment – Learning Disorders


Psychoeducational – ADHD-Inclusive


ASD Assessment 


ADHD Assessment


ASD/ADHD Assessment


Career Counselling $1600
Intellectual Assessment/Giftedness $1500
Social-Emotional Assessment
*Includes: intake session(s), screeners and brief report*
School Visits $250/hour + travel time
Additional Report Writing $250/hour

Treatment Costs

  Initial Assessment Treatment Session
Clinical Psychologist $375 $260
PhD level Therapist $375 $250
Registered Psychotherapist $300 (+HST) $200 (+HST)
Master’s Level Therapist $255 $170
CBT-I  $210 $210
 Couple’s Counselling  $260  $260
 Family Counselling  $375  $250
 Parent Counselling  $375  $250
 Practicum Student  $200  $150
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