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Assessment For Adults

Psychodiagnostic Assessment

At CITC we offer comprehensive psychodiagnostic assessment and testing. This detailed procedure is aimed to identify and differentiate your symptoms and offer insight into your mental health concerns.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that impacts how people socialize, communicate, learn and behave. The word “spectrum” indicates that severity of symptoms can range from minor to severe. Though ASD symptoms normally emerge during the first two years of life, it can be diagnosed at any age.

Strength-Based Assessment

A strength-based assessment can help an individual learn about their resources, strengths, and capacity to overcome difficulties. Goals of a strength-based assessment are to help identify the individual’s talents, skills, and knowledge, as well as their desires and aspirations to enhance overall well-being and life satisfaction.


ADHD often begins in childhood, but sometimes is not recognized or diagnosed until adulthood. Adult ADHD is typically characterized by difficulties in executive functioning skills (i.e., organization/planning, attention/focus, memory and processing speed, emotional control, problem solving). Some adults with ADHD complain of feeling angry and irritable, and may struggle with productivity, motivation, organization and procrastination. At CITC, we offer a diagnostic evaluation to identify adult ADHD and offer treatment solutions

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