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ADHD includes a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactive/impulsive behaviours that can interfere with day-to-day activities, as well as social, academic, and/or occupational functioning.

An ADHD assessment in adulthood may be appropriate for you if you have experienced the following:

  • Symptoms related to inattention and/or hyperactivity/impulsivity prior to age 12 years.
  • These symptoms are present across different areas of your life (e.g., home and work; friends and relatives).
  • These symptoms clearly interfere with or the reduce the quality of your social, work, or home activities.
  • They are not better explained by another mental disorder (e.g., a mood or anxiety disorder, personality disorder, psychotic disorder, addiction).

An ADHD assessment includes:

  • a clinical interview
  • completion of rating scales
  • interview with a significant other and/or a person who has known you since childhood (e.g., parent or guardian)
  • review of any documentation you may have available from work or school (e.g., work evaluations, previous report cards)
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