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The secret to a fulfilling career goes beyond cashing in a paycheque. While a living wage is the bare minimum of stable employment, meaningful professional development stems from the motivation to learn and grow in your chosen field continuously. However, years of the same job and tasks can lead to stagnation. To rediscover the joy in your work, you need a new perspective on lasting career fulfillment.

Grow In Your Chosen Career

Our career counsellors at the Cognitive & Interpersonal Therapy Centre (CITC) are here to help you discover the path to lasting professional growth. Career counselling offers necessary guidance as you reflect on your accomplishments and map out future goals you want to achieve as you develop your skills and experience. Our mission is your resilience and lasting happiness in your evolving career path.

What Is Career Counselling?

Even the most skilled and dedicated professionals encounter roadblocks in their journey towards career development. Whether it’s the instability of the job market or years of staying in the same role and company, your professional life may require a reset — and expert guidance to help you find your path.

Career counselling is a systematic, focused therapy method that allows experienced and aspiring professionals to evaluate their career growth and set goals for professional development and fulfillment. Career counsellors offer career path guidance based on your unique skills and experience and empower you to grow confident and competitive in your chosen field.

Do You Need Career Counselling?

Career path guidance is essential to ensuring your happiness at work so that you can achieve your full potential for innovation. The process starts with identifying roadblocks to your professional development so you can learn to address these in a healthy and productive manner. Together, you will work with a career counsellor to overcome these roadblocks and take charge of your future career.

Does This Sound Like You In Your Current Career?

  • You feel anxious and stressed about work and have even resorted to substance use to cope
  • You have a strained relationship with your colleagues and superiors
  • You feel overwhelmed in exploring your career options and deciding on your future
  • You struggle with feelings of unfulfillment in your current role and seek to start a new chapter but feel anxious about the feasibility of a career change
  • You struggle with unemployment, termination, and uncertainty due to mergers and takeovers
  • You have difficulty managing professional and personal priorities
  • You are contemplating retirement.

Career Counselling For The Best Career Path

At the Cognitive & Interpersonal Therapy Centre, we offer career counselling services to help students, recent graduates, and seasoned professionals discover the next chapter in their lives. Through career counselling, we instill confidence and resilience that empower you to find your dream job and thrive in your chosen career throughout the years.

Our comprehensive, six-session career counselling package includes:

  • Intake interview: Your first career counselling session starts with understanding your professional concerns and establishing your future career goals.
  • Comprehensive assessment: A session is devoted to assessing your career-related interests and skills, general aptitude, personality, and values to help determine the best career path for you.
  • Feedback: Your career counsellor will discuss the results of your assessment to provide the right career guidance based on the best career options that match your interests and strengths.
  • Career planning: Over the course of 3 sessions, your career counsellor will work with you to generate ideas, research career options, plan for transitions, and decide on the best career options that empower you to achieve your full potential.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Career Path Guidance

Our career counsellors use cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to provide career path guidance and help aspiring and experienced professionals work towards the best career options based on their skills and future goals. Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques help professionals in career counselling understand the impact of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours on their well-being and professional success.

CBT can help you address the root causes of your career anxieties and empower you to achieve professional growth. As a career counselling technique, CBT will help you understand existing behaviours and attitudes that may impede your career and learn coping and communication techniques to learn healthy habits that help you achieve your professional goals.

Career counselling using CBT helps professionals:

  • Develop problem management skills to enhance communication and coping in challenging professional settings
  • Learn a range of problem-solving skills to increase self-efficacy in applying skills necessary in professional situations
  • Develop collaborative problem-solving skills through joint action planning, which can be applied in work environments
  • Learn how to think more effectively and navigate challenges while modelling healthy thought, behavioural, and emotional patterns

Your Future Career Awaits You

At CITC, we understand the unique struggles of aspiring and seasoned professionals at a career crossroads. Our goal is to help every professional in Ontario find the best career path based on their skills and interests and guarantee stability and competitive compensation.

Through career counselling, we work with you to understand your unique professional circumstances and collaborate on learning useful coping techniques and behaviours for achieving the career you want. Our career counsellors offer expert guidance to help you find the best career path and navigate a valuable transition after years of experience. Trust our career counsellors to offer collaborative career guidance that promotes your professional future.

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