Learning Disabilities

Students with average to above average intellectual ability may struggle academically despite strong cognitive skills. To determine whether or not a learning disability is the cause of academic challenges, our experienced clinicians will:

  • Assess a student’s overall cognitive abilities in comparison with their academic progress to determine: (1) if there is a discrepancy, and (2) whether academic skills are significantly lower than would be expected given their level of intellectual functioning.
  • Administer diagnostic assessment tools to investigate further processing deficits (e.g., memory, language processing, visual/sensory/motor processing, executive functioning, etc.) that may underlie difficulties in learning new information, and/or retaining or retrieving previously learned information.
  • Questionnaires/rating scales will also be given to parents, teachers, and the student (as appropriate) to assess for potential environmental, social-emotional and/or behavioural factors (e.g., anxiety/OCD, depression, ASD) that may be impacting their performance.

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