Please note our office is 100% virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will resume face to face appointments in the future.

How to Maintain Optimism in the time of COVID-19

758 days ago |

COVID-19 is understandably taking a global toll on our mental health.Read More

Accessing medical treatment during COVID-19 – Dial-a-doc

758 days ago |

COVID-19 is posing many challenges to every day life. One of these challenges includes access to medical appointments.Read More

How to combat depressive thinking during COVID-19

764 days ago |

Depressive thinking can be heightened during this challenging time.  Here is an article on tips of how to help combat this negative thinking style. https://www.psychologytoday.Read More

Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19

789 days ago |

These are unprecedented times. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages across the world, we have collectively entered into a time of crisis.Read More


797 days ago |

I wanted to reach out to all of our existing and new clients during this time of crisis and let you know that CITC is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all of our clients.Read More

Back to School – Book an Assessment for your Child

959 days ago |

At CITC, our experienced, registered Clinical Psychologists provide psychoeducational and socio-emotional assessments for the purpose of identifying and providing recommendations for: Assessments...Read More

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