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Addiction Treatment

Addiction or substance dependence often refers to excessive use of drugs and/or alcohol. It commonly causes physical and psychological harm, oftentimes leading to problems in one’s social, personal, and work life. Substance dependence has an important role in the onset and maintenance of mental health symptoms such as, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, and anger issues. While there are many factors to consider behind substance use, several solutions exist to help combat addictive behaviour.

Our Treatment Approach

CITC’s addiction counselling service uses a combination of motivational enhancement-based approaches, CBT-based coping skills and relapse prevention techniques to help clients effectively reach their recovery goals. Once we determine the severity and motivation for change using a series of brief questionnaires, goals of treatment will be developed in consultation with the client. This can be either abstinence or harm reduction, along with addressing comorbidities such as anxiety, depression, or stress. Treatment consists of 10-12 sessions where individual cues, triggers and other contributing factors will be identified to develop appropriate relapse prevention strategies. Additionally, brief screening measures will be used throughout the treatment to monitor anxiety and depressive symptoms.

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