CBT for Children

CBT for Children

Stress, anxiety, and sadness are emotions which affect us all, even children.

If you notice that these emotions become overwhelming for your children and begin affecting areas of their life, it is important to ask for help.

Cognitive behavioural therapy for children can help your child understand how certain thoughts can affect their emotions and behaviour.

At the Cognitive & Interpersonal Therapy Centre, we work with individuals of all ages and specialize in various cognitive treatments, including CBT for children.

What is CBT for Children?

CBT, also known as cognitive behavioural therapy, is a treatment tailored to treat negative thoughts and feelings.

The theory behind cognitive therapy is that the way we think and feel directly impacts our external selves and the world around us. For example, when a child is feeling anxious about going to school, those negative emotions impact the experience they will have at school that day.

Negative feelings lead to negative experiences. Therefore, learning to control and change your thoughts and emotions could potentially help your child deal with external issues as well.

CBT treatment is an effective solution for children struggling with:

  • Disruptive behaviour, like tantrums
  • Low self-esteem
  • Bullying
  • Anxiety and mood disorders
  • Trauma

Cognitive behavioural therapy encourages children to challenge negative thoughts and better understand and cope with situations.

CBT treatment replaces negative reactions, empowering your child to:

  • Improve their self-image
  • Have more self-control
  • Improve their problem-solving skills

CBT treatment equips your child with a new mindset, helping them face challenges by breaking them down into small, manageable steps. Studies show that children equipped with these coping skills are 60% less likely to develop mental health problems later.

How is CBT Structured?

CBT is a short-term therapy that takes place over a series of 8-16 sessions. It is usually reserved for children ages eight and up and can be customized to suit your child’s needs.

During the first session, the parents or legal guardian will be asked to join the session. Time will be spent with you and your child to get a better understanding of the presenting problem. Over the next few sessions, your child will learn how to change negative thought patterns into more positive ones, engaging in coping mechanisms to handle stressful situations independently. You will be asked to join your child’s sessions from time to time so that you can get a better understanding of how you can help your child and receive feedback on your child’s progress.

Our therapists will work with your child to teach them skills that they can put into practice immediately.

Customizing Your Child’s CBT Approach

At the Cognitive & Interpersonal Therapy Centre, we understand that your child is unique. We customize each CBT approach based on your child’s experiences and developmental age, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. We carefully introduce them to psychological solutions, ensuring all materials covered are age-appropriate.

It is important for us to meet your child where they are. Therefore, the earliest part of the cognitive behavioural therapy treatment is getting to know your child and their individual needs. This part of the therapy is vital as it allows us to focus on specific triggers and help your child navigate areas of life that affect them personally.

Contact the Cognitive & Interpersonal Therapy Centre

If you are interested in learning more about CBT for children, the Cognitive & Interpersonal Therapy Centre is here to help. We invite you to reach out through our contact page or by calling 1-416-570-5050.

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