Our practicum students are accepting new clients and offering services at reduced rates.

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Parent Consultation & Counselling

Sometimes parents experience difficulties finding ways to effectively communicate with their children who may struggle with anxiety, mood issues, and general difficulties with emotion regulation. Through the counselling services at CITC, parents or guardians can develop effective strategies to manage their own emotions in addition to their children’s emotions, and find ways to best support their children’s needs on a daily basis.

Our clinicians will work with parents to: 1) establish and work towards specific goals related to parenting challenges, 2) enhance their parenting experience, and 3) improve their relationships with their children.

This service is offered to parents who have children, pre-teens, and teenagers (2-18 years old) struggling with anxiety, anger issues, as well as learning and attention difficulties.

Please contact info@citcassociates.com for more information.

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