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Cognitive Assessments

As part of psychological treatments, it is standard practice to objectively check up on areas such as memory, attention, reasoning, and verbal ability- all cognitive abilities you need to function optimally in everyday life. It’s not a test- it’s a quick check-up on how you’re doing today, like a blood pressure cuff for your brain.

Assessment For Children

At CITC, our experienced, registered Clinical Psychologists provide psychoeducational and socio-emotional assessments for the purpose of identifying and providing recommendations for a number of issues.

Assessment can be helpful for educational planning, placement, identifying appropriate services and supports, and learning how to build on the child’s strength.


Assessment For Adults

At CITC we offer assessments for young adults and adults as well. The depth of the Psychological Assessments we conduct for adults will depend on the reason for the assessment. We offer career counselling to help you discover the career path that is right for you, as well as strength based and adult ADHD assessments.

Career Counselling

The secret to a fulfilling career in Ontario goes beyond cashing in a paycheque. While a living wage is the bare minimum of stable employment, meaningful professional development stems from the motivation to continuously learn and grow in your chosen field. However, years of the same job and tasks can lead to stagnation.

Assessment FAQ

How do I know if my child/adolescent needs an assessment?

Your child/adolescent may need an assessment if:

  • They have a history of struggling academically at school
  • They often have difficulties paying attention, staying on task and tend to make careless mistakes in their school work
  • Have difficulties regulating their emotions and can be impulsive at times
  • Observed by parent /teacher to be behind their peers (or significantly advanced) in one or all of these areas: reading, writing and/or mathematics
  • You’ve noticed disruptive behaviour at home, less interest in school work and/or a decline in grades
  • Teachers have commented on their difficulties with school work or behaviour on multiple occasions
  • They seem to be underperforming or not “using their potential” despite opportunities given
  • Tend to overwork themselves or often over prepare in regards to school work/tests and become emotionally dysregulated or struggle when they make mistakes
What can I expect during the assessment process?

Assessments will be conducted by one of our experienced, registered Psychologists and may involve 3-5 separate appointments. These include:

  • An initial intake meeting with parents and child/adolescent
  • 1-3 separate assessment sessions with only the child/adolescent (each approx. 2 hours in length).
  • Rating scales completed by the parents, teacher, and/or child/adolescent
  • A final feedback meeting with parents (and child/adolescent if appropriate)

A written report detailing assessment findings and recommendations will be provided following the final feedback meeting. The entire process (from intake to final report) typically takes 2-5 weeks.

What are the costs of an assessment at CITC?

Our assessments for children cost between $2000-$3800 which can be paid in instalments. These details will depend on the depth of the assessment.

If you are an adult seeking an assessment the cost will typically be between $1000-$2500 but please contact us or call/text 416-570-5050 for more details.

Do you do psychological assessments for only students? What about Adults?

Yes, we do assessments for young adults and adults too! The depth of the psychological assessments we conduct at CITC for adults will depend on the reason for the assessment. Many adults reach out to us for an assessment for various reasons, including: supporting documentation to access medication, LTD or STD supporting documentation, professional licensing exams, workplace accommodations and/or for personal reasons. We DO NOT provide assessments for medical- legal purposes (i.e., Motor Vehicle Accidents, Custody and Access cases).

Couldn’t I just get my child tested through their school instead of privately?

Many school boards in Ontario do offer educational testing but there can be substantial waitlist for assessment based on needs. For this reason, parents may want to consider private educational assessment testing which can be done in 2-5 weeks’ time, which may then allow a family to receive additional support for their child or alternative academic options from their school more quickly.

What happens if my child is assessed as having an Intellectual Disability, Learning Disability, ADHD or Giftedness?

If your child is assessed as having an intellectual disability, learning disability, ADHD or giftedness, it is recommended that you send a written request to the school principal to schedule an Identification, Placement, and Review Committee ( IPRC) meeting to help determine an appropriate Individual Education Plan (IEP) or placement program. Parents should know that according to regulation 181 of the Education Act, a principal MUST schedule an IPRC when a parent requests it. Click here for further details on IPRC and what’s involved.

For older students, a diagnosis alongside a psychological report may be used to support an application for academic accommodations at university or college, or for accommodations during admissions or professional licensing exams.

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